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Words from our Theatre Family

The Theatre Centre has been a special place in my heart since I was 6 years old. I grew up watching my uncle in productions, and that was where I got my passion to be an actress. I ended up going to Center for Creative Arts and majored in Theatre in college. Now I’m the dance teacher at Barger Academy of Fine Arts.

Felicion McMillon-Diakhate

Former Actor and Current Choreographer

(This is) my first rodeo as far as a musical is concerned, but I love singing. I’m 64 years of age and just wanted to feel young at heart. I do here. This has just really blossomed my inner child, so I’m having a great time here at the Theatre Centre. I’m glad they gave me the opportunity to show my talents.

Jackie McCain


In THE WIZ, Dorothy sings, “When I think of home, I think of a place where there’s love overflowing”, and that has been my experience — I’ve been very much at home here. I always have that little magical something inside me when I come to this building. Thank you, Theatre Centre, for giving me this opportunity to give back to my community through the arts.

Nicole Coleman