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Youth Theatre Auditions

2022-2023 Season Auditions

CAST LISTS for BAMBI: A Life in the Woods

Please read thoroughly.

If cast, please respond by emailing [email protected] and accepting your role.

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to EVERYONE that auditioned! Please be proud of yourself for being brave. Everyone was EXCELLENT!  There were SO many talented kids making this an EXTREMELY difficult decision. If you were not cast, KEEP AUDITIONING! Do not be discouraged and please, please, please come back and audition again and again! The next show for young actors will be MISS NELSON IS MISSING, which will audition in March. Like and follow our social media for the dates when announced. You can also find audition dates on our website:

If you are interested in being a member of our woodland family by helping out as a Stage Manager or working on the running crew for this show, please contact [email protected].

If you were cast, a reminder: our first read through and parent meeting will be on:

Monday, January 30 at 5pm. You will get a schedule, and parking passes, as well as some other necessities, at that time. The parent meeting should last about an hour and the actors should be prepared to stay until 7pm and read through the script together.

If cast, please respond by emailing [email protected] and accepting your role.

The following is a Cast List for BAMBI: A Life in the Woods

Listed alphabetically by Last Name (Please note in which Cast you have been placed.)

SEDONA CRAWFORD as Marena, a doe

NYLA JACKS as Friend Skunk

MAC JACKSON as Young Bucky, Hare’s son

MILLIE JACKSON as Young Kit, Hare’s daughter

CLAIRE JAMES as Faline, a doe

EPHRAIM JAMES as Gobo, a buck

HENRY JAMES as Young Gobo

PENNY JAMES as Young Faline

CHARLESTYN JOHNSON as Lapin, a rabbit

ETHAN JOHNSON as Screech Owl

AINSLEY JORDAN as Nettla, an older doe

BENJAMIN KINKEL, as Young Lapin, Hare’s son

REMI MCGARVEY as Young Skunk

BRYSON MURR as The Great Prince, Bambi’s Father

LILY OBAL as Friend Hare



LILY SENTELL as Young Cony, Hare’s daughter


DALTON WILLIAMS as Ronno, Bambi’s rival

OLIVIA WILLIAMS as Ena, Bambi’s Aunt