Ready for the Stage?

Adult Auditions

Thank you to all who auditioned! If you were not cast, please consider auditioning for another show soon! 

Our first rehearsal will be Monday, May 22 at 7:30 PM. At that time we will distribute printed scripts. In the meantime, watch for an email from the Theatre Centre with a link to a digital copy of the script for your convenience.


Please note: Specific roles within the ensemble will be assigned after we start rehearsals.  We will determine who will be what in Nick’s troupe, as well as who will do which solo lines and characters, be Shakespeare’s back up dancers, etc.  


Minstrel/Ensemble: Garrett Henson-Hinck  

Nick Bottom: Josh Robinson  

Nigel Bottom: Nor Caissie  

Bea Bottom: Sammie Waller  

Shakespeare: Nicholas Rexford  

Portia: Emma Sofia Griffin  

Brother Jeremiah: Scott Dunlap  

Thomas Nostradomus: Josh Ruben  

Lord Clapham/Ensemble: Jeff Hill  

Shylock/Ensemble: Joel Martin  


D’Ariaus Albert  
Ansel Brasel  
Tae Brasel  
Brady Bright  
Addie Counts  
Robert Downs  
Suzi Dye  
Brendon Ferguson  
Gage Goza  
Leah Green  
Starleesha Howard  
Holli Hutson  
Liv Kelly  
Heath Locke  
Beth McClary-Wolford  
Isabelle Miller  
Julia Peacock  
Mark Perry  
Lauren Rayhab  
Christian Rodriguez  
Colette Smith  
Emma Witz


Two brothers set out to write the world’s first musical in this hilarious mash-up of 16th century Shakespeare and 21st century Broadway. Hailed as “the funniest musical comedy in 400 years,” this outrageous, crowd-pleasing musical farce follows Nick and Nigel Bottom, who are desperate to write a hit play but are stuck in the shadow of that Renaissance rock star known as “The Bard.” When a local soothsayer foretells that the future of theatre involves singing, dancing and acting at the same time, Nick and Nigel set out to write the world’s very first musical. (Rated PG-13)


CHOREOGRAPHY BY: Lindsay Fussell


SOMETHING ROTTEN will performed on the MAINSTAGE with PERFORMANCES beginning on July 21st and ending on August 6th (Thursdays at 7pm, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30pm). You MUST be available for all the performances.



Shakespeare: Male, mid 20s to 30s. A renaissance rock star. Think Mick Jagger or James Brown. Seeking a comedic actor with a killer pop/rock voice, tap dance skills a plus. (rock tenor)

Nick Bottom: Male, mid 20s to 30s. A struggling renaissance writer at the end of his rope. Nigel’s older brother. Incredibly jealous of the success of William Shakespeare and will do anything to beat him. Seeking a great comedic actor who sings, tap dance skill a plus. (Baritone)

Nigel Bottom: Male, mid 20’s to 30’s. Nick’s younger brother. A sweetly naïve young writer and poet, perhaps a little awkward. He falls in love with Portia and ultimately finds confidence in himself through art and love. Seeking a great comedic actor who sings very well. (High baritone/tenor).

Nostradamus: Male, 40s to 60s. A soothsayer who almost sees the future correctly. A bit loony. He predicts that Nick and Nigel will write a musical. Seeking a comedic actor who sings and moves very well. (Baritone)

Brother Jeremiah: Male, 40′ to 50s. Portia’s father. A Puritan with deeply repressed urges. He despises playwrights, poets, and all things ungodly. Seeking a great comedic who sings.

Minstrel: Male, mid 20s to 40s. Seeking charismatic actor with a thousand faces. (Baritone)


Bea: Female, mid 20s to 30s. Nick’s wife and “Right Hand Man”. She loves and supports him despite his questionable decision making and lack of success. Bea resorts to dressing up like a male to make ends meet and to prove to Nick she can be an actor. Seeking a comedic actress who sings very well. (Belter)

Portia: 20s to 30s female. An adorably quirky Puritan girl whom Nigel meets on the street. They fall madly in love with each other over their mutual love for Shakespeare and poetry. Seeking a great comedic actress who sings very well. (Youthful Soprano with a strong mix)


Lord Clapham, Shylock, Bard Boys, Townspeople, Troupe, Crowd, Chorus: Various ages/ethnicities. Seeking traditional dancers and quirky character types who are strong singers and dancers (preferably with experience in tap dancing).

For further questions, please reach out to [email protected] or call the Box Office at 423.267.8534. 

To volunteer as a crew member, email Production Manager Annie Collins at [email protected].