Don't take it from us.

Words from our Theatre Family

The Theatre Centre has had a profound positive impact on my family. These past 17 years have seen my daughter, Annie, grow up in the Youth Theatre, my wife, Jackie, painting a set piece or two, and allowed me some time on the stage as well. We would not be the family we are without the CTC.

Mitch Collins

The Theatre Centre is more than a building and a stage and actors and crew. It’s more than a venue. It’s a home and a haven and a family. It’s the frame that holds the masterpieces of Chattanooga’s community: its most talented, creative, and passionate members.

Greer Caldwell

When I first moved to Chattanooga, on a whim I tried out for BEAUTY & THE BEAST having never done anything like that before and was cast as the Beast. Since then I found a tremendous family at the CTC and I know that the encouraging, uplifting, and empowering spirit that I have felt in my time is being instilled and fostered in everyone that is lucky enough to participate in a CTC production.

Bryan Kelly

CTC is a Chattanooga treasure. Every show brings me new friends and an exciting experience. CTC has enabled me to make memories that will last a lifetime. I will always be grateful, and I will be back every chance I get.

Becky Byrns

I am overjoyed with my first theatre experience and so happy it was with the CTC. I became a sponge and realized how much work everyone puts into every production, I’ve learned that theatre is a team sport just like basketball or football. There are no small parts, there is no one who isn’t needed. The cast and crew really taught me why I should appreciate live theatre, and the effort that every person in the show, both on stage and off stage, puts into it. Thanks CTC for sharing your talents and knowledge. I am forever grateful!

Kimberly Reynolds

Thinking of CTC volunteers as amateurs might sound negative, but “amateur” comes from the word for love. The CTC is a community of amateurs who love creating art together. Audiences are surprised that we’re volunteers because of the professional quality of our work. Since 2001, I have volunteered on stage, back stage, behind a piano or in the lobby. The CTC is like Oz: there’s no place like the artistic home I’ve found there.

John Echols

The Theatre Centre has had a special place in my heart since I was 6 years old. I grew up watching my uncle in productions, and that was where I got my passion to be an actress. I ended up going to Center for Creative Arts and majored in theatre in college. Now I’m the dance teacher at Barger Academy of Fine Arts.

Felicion McMillon-Diakhate

(This is) my first rodeo as far as a musical is concerned, but I love singing. I’m 64 years of age and just wanted to feel young at heart. I do here. This has just really blossomed my inner child, so I’m having a great time here at the Theatre Centre. I’m glad they gave me the opportunity to show my talents.

Jackie McCain

In THE WIZ, Dorothy sings, “When I think of home, I think of a place where there’s love overflowing”, and that has been my experience — I’ve been very much at home here. I always have that little magical something inside me when I come to this building. Thank you, Theatre Centre, for giving me this opportunity to give back to my community through the arts.

Nicole Coleman