August Wilson’s Century Cycle Continues as Chattanooga Theatre Centre Presents “The Piano Lesson” June 9-25


June 9 – 8:00PM*
June 10 – 8:00PM
June 11 – 2:30PM**

June 14 – 7:00PM
June 15 – 8:00PM
June 16 – 8:00PM
June 17 – 2:30PM

June 22 – 7:00PM
June 23 – 8:00PM
June 24 – 8:00PM
June 25 – 2:30PM

*Reception at 7:00PM
** Talkback at 4:30PM

Continuing the prolific August Wilson’s Century Cycle at Chattanooga Theatre Centre is The Piano Lesson, a dynamic, gripping tale of a family haunted by their past and wrestling with their future, opening June 9th and running through June 25th in the Circle Theatre.

The Piano Lesson tells the story of The Charles Family, living in 1930’s Pittsburgh. When Bernice’s brother, Boy Willie, comes back into town expecting to sell their family’s heirloom piano for the chance to purchase some land and jumpstart his financial future, she reminds him of the literal blood, sweat, and tears that went into the piano’s detailed carvings and why it can never be sold. Along with the siblings’ family and friends, the whole house transforms into a crucible for conflict over what should be done with the piano.

The Chattanooga Theatre Centre’s production of The Piano Lesson is the fourth installment of its pledge to produce Wilson’s entire canon of 10 plays portraying the African American experience through the 20th century, known as the American Century Cycle. This is the second of CTC’s August Wilson productions with guest director Alicia Haymer leading the cast of talented performers.



August Wilson’s “The Piano Lesson” contains themes and language that may not be suitable for children. If you are concerned about the content within this you may email [email protected] to inquire about specific content warnings.

This show contains use of fake weapons, eerie sounds, lighting effects, suggestive dialogue, and some profane language.