Develop Your Auditioning & Acting Skills at CTC’s Adult Academy

The Chattanooga Theatre Centre is pleased to introduce its new Adult Academy and two upcoming training opportunities for actors.

Starting next Sunday, August 2, the CTC is conducting two one-week experiences for intensive training in auditioning and character development. Conducted safely away from the pressure of the audition and rehearsal rooms, both on-site workshops offer a comfortable but results-driven environment to develop your skills.

First up is “Best Foot Forward: A Week-Long Audition Techniques Workshop,” set for Sunday, August 2, through Friday, August 7. It’s a chance to break down the audition process and help you learn to get specific.

The workshop will be taught by CTC staff member Scott Dunlap, who will share his own helpful philosophies and insights to make smart, effective choices and experience the confidence that is essential in being cast. Whether it is landing a role at a local theatre, professional gig, or college audition, the class can be tailored to mastering and showcasing your strengths.

Scott will break down the audition process and help you instantly connect to any material. He’ll also cover the essential techniques for auditioning, including cold reads and prepared monologues. You’ll learn to exercise the ability to identify and apply strong, playable objectives and actions in your auditions. Plus, you’ll develop the skills to enhance your ability to take instruction, criticism, and feedback in a positive and professional manner and begin applying direction immediately. 

Next up is “Creating a Character: A Week-Long Workshop of Acting Styles,” meeting Sunday, August 9, through Friday, August 14. It’s an opportunity to develop skills in creating characters and understanding different acting styles in order to quickly develop and hone your skills. More advanced actors can learn to challenge themselves and build confidence without the pressure and anxiety of the rehearsal process.

Also taught by Scott, he’ll help you develop skills that boost your confidence in your abilities. Often once cast, the focus becomes about “getting the show done.” Here is a chance to take some time and learn to analyze scripts and understand the different acting techniques required to tell different stories.

Through scene study, you will discover how to break down the story. You will also begin to interpret characters in new ways that will give you the confidence you need to master a role. You’ll enhance your ability to take instruction, criticism, and feedback in a positive and professional manner and begin applying direction immediately.

Both are six-session classes meeting nightly from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m.

Full safety protocols will be followed, including temperature checks before entering the building, masks worn at all times, hand sanitizing at regular intervals, and a cap of 10 students to allow for social distancing.

The fee is $150 for each workshop. Space is limited, so sign up today and take your skills to the next level!

Posted July 27, 2020