Please read thoroughly.

If cast, please respond by emailing [email protected] and accepting your role.

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to all that auditioned! There were many talented young people who auditioned, so thank you for making it a difficult decision. Everyone should be proud of their audition. If you were not cast, KEEP AUDITIONING! We will be announcing our upcoming 2018/2019 Season on February 5, so check back for further audition opportunities and please enroll in our Summer Academy to help sharpen your acting skills until those opportunities arrive.

If you are interested in joining the cast as a Stage Manager or working on the running crew for this show, please contact [email protected].

Our first meeting with cast members and parents will be on Monday, January 15 at 4:30pm. You will get a schedule, a script and parking passes, as well as some other necessities, at that time. The parent meeting should last about an hour and will happen simultaneously with the music rehearsal.
There are some changes this season, so there should be some new information.

If cast, please respond by emailing [email protected] and accepting your role.

The following is a Cast List for A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD

Aleah Larson – Turtle/Mole
Annabelle Major – Bird/ Young Frog
Augusta Westhoff – Bird/ Father Frog
Avery Sharpe – Mouse/Large & Terrible Frog
Benjamin Brown – Frog
Hannah Lowe – Lizard/Mole
Landry Howard – Bird/Mother Frog
Mason Carter – Toad
Taryn Bracher – Snail

Acadia Phillips – Mouse/ Large & Terrible Frog
Alex Loyd – Bird/Young Frog
Autumn Schulmeister – Turtle/Mole
Darrius Calloway – Toad
Emma Tuttle – Bird/Mother Frog
Erin Eames – Lizard/Mole
Genna Raborn – Bird/Father Frog
Rachel Young – Snail
Tyler Bacon – Frog

A reminder to email [email protected] to accept your role and we will see you all on Monday, January 15 at 4:30pm.