Teen & Adult Dance

Get Moving and Express Yourself!

Winter Dance Classes

All Winter Dance Classes $200 each

January 8 – May 3
(no class the week of April 2)
Showcase, Tuesday, May 8 ($40 costume fee required)





Teen/Adult Ballet

Mondays 6:25 – 7:25 pm

Instructor – Christi Barr

This class is designed for students of all levels from current students of other dance forms, former dancers to those looking for a great workout. This class will emphasize strength and flexibility, correct alignment/posture, and formal ballet technique. Ballet shoes (canvas or leather) are recommended.





Beginning Jazz/Hip Hop for Teens and Adults

Mondays 5:20 – 6:20 PM

Instructor – Christi Barr

Learn the basics of Jazz dance and Hip Hop, a fun, energetic dance form offering a great workout to popular music. Jazz shoes recommended, but not required.





Beginning Teen/Adult Tap

Wednesdays 5:25 – 6:25 PM

Instructor – Lindsay Fussell

If you’ve never tap danced before and thought it might be fun, you’re right. This is an introductory class designed to give you the basics in how to tap your troubles away.





Beginning Teen/Adult Broadway Dance Workout

Wedensdays 6:30 – 7:25 PM

Instructor – Lindsay Fussell

Try our dance workout with favorite tunes from Broadway and beyond. Dance is a great way to release the frustrations of the day while working every muscle in your body. And it’s fun! No experience necessary, no special equipment required (tennis shoes are fine). Just bring yourself and dance, dance, dance!





Intermediate Theatre Dance for Teens and Adults

Tuesdays 5:25 – 6:25 PM

Instructor – Lindsay Fussell

For those dancers who have worked in the musical theatre, this class will cover more advanced moves found current and classic Broadway hits.





Intermediate Tap, Teens and Adults

Tuesdays 6:30 – 7:25 PM

Instructor – Lindsay Fussell

Expand your knowledge of tap. Students should have successfully completed basic tap class or equivalent.





About the Teachers

Lindsay Fussell – choreographs productions at the CTC, Chattanooga State, and CCA and is resident choreographer for the Choo-Choo Kids. She has danced in productions off-Broadway and returns to NYC annually to study with renowned choreographers. Lindsay has directed/choreographed 9 to 5, Spamalot and Miracle on 34th Street at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre.

Christi Barr – has a Bachelor’s degree in Dance Education from the University of Georgia. Prior to moving to Chattanooga, she owned a dance studio, where she taught and directed dance productions, and was an instructor at Georgia Southwestern State University.