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Youth Theatre Auditions

2019-2020 Season

Youth Theatre Audition FAQ

“Where do I park?” 
You can park in the lot right across from the Theatre Centre. It is FREE to park there, though you will need to PICK UP A PARKING PASS inside the CIRCLE LOBBY and place it in your car before you audition.

“There are two days of auditions, do I come to both?”
The short answer is: “no.” You can come to either Monday or Tuesday, whichever works best for you. Please don’t come to both audition days, it doesn’t help your chances of getting a role. However, the Callbacks for the show will be held on the Thursday immediately following the audition (August 29 at 5pm), so if you have a conflict with that day, please let us know at the audition.

“Is it okay to arrive at 5pm for the audition?”
Sort of. Yes, if you have to hurry from school and/or work to get here by 5pm; that is fine. Just be aware that there is an audition form that must be filled out before you can audition, so if you can arrive 15-30 minutes early, it would be less stressful for you and more helpful for us if you can have that done by 5pm.

“How old do I need to be to audition?” 
The Youth Theatre is intended for students in grades 4 through 12.
It is recommended that you be in 4th grade to audition, though many times young actors aren’t quite ready and more likely to be cast as 5th graders. We are committed to “non-traditional casting,” or “color-conscious casting” of ethnic minority actors in roles where race or ethnicity is not germane. Which means young actors of all races are encouraged to audition.

“Do I need to prepare anything?”
No, if there is a scene we want you to read, we will provide that. The only preparation necessary is that you have a list of ANY conflicts you might have with rehearsal. This is vital! We MUST know any days you will miss in ADVANCE of casting.